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Collie Buddz Emotional Instrumental

‘’Perfect Picture’’ Is definitely a Collie Buddz type instrumental, this instrumental contains a lot of feeling, a feeling of freedom. The instrumental was made with lots of synths, bells, reggae piano chords, and a heavy kickdrum and some nice percussion to give you that oriental feeling, to express this beat, rhodes were used to accent it a little more. This beautifull instrumental rap beat is for sale in our beat shop at the homepage. You can download this very nice instrumental below from the soundcloud embedded player.

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FWP - Perfect Picture (COLLIE BUDDZ TYPE INSTRUMENTAL) Lease $5.99 EXCLUSIVE $179,- by FWPBeats & Beats4Everyone



Trap kind club banger instrumental

‘’The Party Starter’’ is a trap kind of club banger, it fits to a very wide arrangement of artists like lil boosie, lil john, 36’ mafia and many more artists of that category. The instrumental contains violins, a brass section, bells, and some short wobbly synths. This rap beat as well as other instrumentals is for sale in our exclusive instant beat store. Download this rap beat from the soundcloud player below.

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FWP - Party Starter (TRAP CLUB BANGER) LEASE $5.99 EXCLUSIVE $179,- by FWPBeats & Beats4Everyone




Classic Epic Maybach Instrumental

‘’Only One Chance’’ Is a classic epic instrumental rap beat, it’s a rick ross, maybach music type of beat. This beat has a lot of power and a lot of instruments. This rap beat has; violins, guitars, a large brass section, a choir, and a standard drum kit which is mixed very smoothly. This rap beat is available for sale in our instant beat store, you can download the instrumental below from our embedded soundcloud player.

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FWP - Only One Chance (EPIC MAYBACH RICKROSS TYPE INSTRUMENTAL) Lease $5.99 EXCLUSIVE $179,- by FWPBeats & Beats4Everyone



Nicki Minaj Type Club Instrumental Beat

‘’When the sun goes down'' is a typical ‘’Dirty Dutch’’ Instrumental, it’s a Nicki Minaj, Red One, Guetta kind of instrumental, with dutch house flavours in it. For a club audience this will definitly work out very well. The Instruments which were used in this instrumental club beat, vary from a wide arrangement of saw’s to a nice piano loop in the climax. This beat is exclusive for sale in our instant beat store, you can download it free at the bottom from our embedded soundcloud player.

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FWP - When The Sun Goes Down (Dirty Dutch Nicki Minaj Beat) Lease 5.99 Exclusive 179,- by FWPBeats & Beats4Everyone