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The Definition Of Track Mastering

the-definition-of-mastering-a-trackMany people struggle with the definition of mastering a track or instrumental, so that’s why we made a little article, which describes the exact definition of the mastering of a track or rap beat

Mastering a track is literally the preparation before reproducing the masterfile. So it’s the phase in which the ‘’masterfile’’ of a track is made. The mastering of a track goes trough two different phases after the mixing phase.

The first phase is actually a quality check. At this phase we check if all frequencies are covered evenly on the track. Other aspects we check before the song can be distributed troughout the shopping system are; deleting strange sounds and pops; the stereo mix; coverage of all the frequency levels etc.

The first part is only the quality check. If this is done the track will be made a hundred percent ready for distribution. All details will be put inside a code, this code is the ISR Code, every proffesional song contains one of these codes. In the code is written who made the track, the track name and all information for paying the right amount of royalties to the right artist.

So when we have checked a track’s quality and a ISRC is placed, we finished ‘’the master file’’ and the track is ready for distribution.