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Who is FWP?

who is FWP BiografieHi, My name is Frank W. Postma a.k.a. FWP, from Groningen, The Netherlands. When I was 14 years old, I started producing music. Someone showed me FruityLoops and I simply started making beats.

Hip Hop always played a very big role in my life, from listening to hot new songs, dancing to them, and inspiring me, till the moment I would produce it myself. First I started making trance cause I couldn't figure out how to make a Hip Hop Instrumental, I started listening: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and other Dutch trance artists, and finally made my own trance songs.

My HipHop love never left me, and returned, I decided making beats for the people to entertain them, to inspire them, just like I was inspired by music. I started to put my feelings in them songs, my emotions, and my life. What also is the reason of the name of many instrumentals, often they represent my feelings.

From when I was seventeen I started selling my productions to other rappers from along the country. I did that for a couple of years, but I wanted to be connected with the whole world, so here is ‘’Beats4Everyone’’ Check me also in the studio for the promo video for Beats4Everyone!

Inside Rap Instrumentals


Inside Rap InstrumentalsA Lot of producers make beats, just to make beats, and to sell beats. Another class of producers make beats that tell a story, you can feel it by listening their instrumental  beats, and mostly they put the emotion in the track-name.

But what is the difference between these producers. The first type of producers, are money hungry producers, composing a loop, compressing the loop very hard to make it sound louder and more attractive to buy the rap instrumental.

The truth about these instrumentals is that they have less quality than the producers that do it by the heart. The producers loving their work stand for quality, and for delivering you the best quality instrumental rap beats they can. Try looking for producers that you really think would care for you. Keep in mind that they are 50% of your track, 50% of the product that you have to bring to the listeners.

Check your producer for his Service, e.g. instant instrumental beat delivery etc, check for his branding; if you can find him all over the net, he has done some nice branding; checking the quality of his rap instrumentals is the most important part but you would probably not search further on him if you'd dislike his work.

''Care for your music, only the best is good enough for you!''


Artist Branding

As told in the last article you should actually have a targeted group, just like Nike, Adidas, Armani or whatever brands, because you as an artist are also a brand! 

As a brand you should have a own style; here it is again, a targeted group of listeners; a Trademark/Logo with a matching font and colouring scheme, and of course multiple online profiles and a homepage where you should send all your traffic to. If you have good steady tracks of good quality you should work on providing yourself with all the goods and techniques brands use to make their products more popular amongst their targeted group.

Let's take a look at Justin Bieber, although most people dislike him as an artist, as a brand he's very successful. He is a music product made for the targeted group ''young girls'' they think he looks cute, he sings about subjects they want to hear, he's the Label's ultimate product for that group of people. Wait and see till he is older, than the Label will introduce a new artist, for the young girls. 

The thing I am trying to say here is think like a company, when you're busy with your music work! 

Get More Listeners

Get more listenersJust like any other product music is a product. And just like any other product music needs to be targeted on a specific listener. When you, the rapper/singer make a track mostly you just make a track about how you feel or an opinion on a subject, and some people love to listen it and some won’t like it, that’s nature. But what if you would make track in a whole different way. Now we are talking about marketing. Marketing is a word made from two words ‘market’ and ‘getting’. So how are you going to get a market for your music? That’s simple; there is one formula for getting the highest reward for your track.

- Buy the track outs of a beat most people would love to listen to
- Record the track the best way you can
- Mix & Master the track
- Write a Marketing plan
- Write a Financial plan
- Release it

Why should you buy the track outs? Well track outs are the highest quality of a track you can have, mostly they are delivered 24/32 Bit 44.1 KHz, which is studio quality.

 Now that you have the highest quality you should record the highest quality. If you do not own a high quality Microphone (Starting from $500) maybe a friend of you has. If not, you should consider hiring studio time somewhere around your area.

When the track is recorded you’re at the mixing stage. Which is a very tricky part. At this stage you need to mix the track in such a way, earphones, headphones, your mobile phone, laptops and all possible speaker-sets make your song sound tight! To obtain the highest mixing quality you should hire a Mixing Engineer to do this, lots of studios offer this work, if you would like to do this we offer it as well.

So now your product is finished, now we should target your listener. Who is going to enjoy your track to the fullest, and where can you find them are questions you have to ask yourself and put a little research on. A little trick on this is for instance is using the followers of a big artist that already has that specific group of listeners.

When everything is done, you have all the parts to market your targeted group of listeners; at this part you have to look at the money. You have probably spent an amount of $100 on this song, so that’s the amount you have to earn back. Try selling it to friends, perform with it actually everything helps you. Make your own website and generate traffic from out your targeted group.

I know it’s easier said than done, but if you believe in yourself and you know other people believe in you, than you can make the difference!


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