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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering Package If you have tracks that are in need of some mixing and mastering, you’re at the right place now.

There are much mixing-services that provide their services for amounts of 200 Dollars per track.

We mix your beats and songs for only $75,- (1 Song = 20 Track Outs) For a song with more mixer-tracks you pay $4 dollar per track extra.


Why Good Mixing is important

You have bought a very nice beat and you have recorded the vocals on it, only it misses that ‘spark’, the velocity off the different tracks aren’t right, there’s much noise, and it just doesn’t work out like you want it to, because the bass misses that pump.
That is why it’s important to have good mixing on the track. Your beat and vocals belong to a specific genre and that’s the first thing to look at before mixing. Who is going to listen your songs, and on what kind of sound system they are going to listen. Hiphop and Dubstep beats for instance need more bass than most pop songs, they are mixed in a different way.

How To Deliver The Mixer Tracks

If you’ve decided to buy the mixing and mastering service, you need to deliver the track outs. How to deliver the tracks in such a way we can provide you the best quality?



We need the tracks as clear as possible. Underneath you see a picture with an example how your track should look. To have the best quality at the end of the stage and the least losing of depth we need the tracks in 44.1 Khz/32 Bit(float) we also take 24 bit/44.1KHz or at least 16Bit/44.1Khz WAV. Files.

To have everything with the right placement and position you need to line all the track-outs to the left. We want the files to be delivered in a ZIP File, with the BPM(Beats per Minute) Rate as name. We’d also like to have two examples of tracks you think your song should sound like in a mixing way.

When you zipped your tracks, and you have made the payment send the mixertracks with Wetransfer it's a free host for moving big packages online. You can contact us for all your questions, send us a mail, or fill in the contact form on the contact page.

How Do We Mix Your Tracks

If we received the track outs of your song, the first thing happening will be the cleaning of the mixer tracks. At this stage we delete all the frequencies that aren’t needed on that specific mixer-track. After that we’ll check for the perfect compression of that specific track out, and to add a nice blanket of analog warmth we’ll kick the single track trough a pre-amp. 

If we have a nice clean sound with the right amount of Db’s, we go and check the positions of the instruments (Panning&StereoPosition) 

When we passed this stage we look at the equalizers again to make sure every track makes has a nice sound but leaves enough space for the vocals to come out clear. If we passed this stage the creative level kicks in. At this stage we look how to combine the vocals and the beat with each other with nice effects at some parts in the song. For instance at house tracks, they pitch the voice up when the beat is going in a climax, or an example at hip hop tracks is the chopping and screwing of words.